Possible Next Updates for GMS September Edition

Thought i’d share the possible updates we could get in the next upcoming 1-2 updates. We will either follow MSEA with their events or go through KMS events. Note: These are just my guesses and may not be a potential future update

MSEA Updates To Look Out For:

Reference: http://www.maplesea.com/updates/view/breakthrough_event_notes_v197/

Cash Shop Transfer Event:

Origami Festival:

Beautyroid Season 3:

Update: Both Beautyroid and Game/Game/Game Update was added to GMS prior according to xTeeHee in reddit I will post the prior update link here:



Game! Game! Game!! Update:

Reference: http://www.maplesea.com/updates/view/game_game_game_show_highlight_notes_v197/

Dynamic Duo Update:




Possible KMS Updates

For sure we are getting job balancing next but here are possible updates with it.

KMS V1.2.332


We will definitely receive skill balancing and Arcane River hunting improvements.

Return of Pink Bean World: