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Meso Making Guide 2020

There is a variety of ways to make mesos now then there was before and these are the methods ill be going through in this guide. Boss Crystals Boss crystals is one of the easiest ways to get pure mesos. They…

GMS Maplestory Awake Coin Shops

Update Nov 11th 2020: Awake Scrolls Event When you achieve the required amount of training for each scroll, you will complete your current chapter and move to the next one. You will also receive the reward that was sealed in the…

Possible Next Updates for GMS September Edition

Thought i’d share the possible updates we could get in the next upcoming 1-2 updates. We will either follow MSEA with their events or go through KMS events. Note: These are just my guesses and may not be a potential future…

Main Event

November 18, 2020
GMS Awake Update