MapleStoryFamiliar Guide

The familiar system has changed greatly. You now have to roll for the lines you’d like for each of your familiars. In this guide I will be going through what i’ve been doing to aim for boss %, and other lines for farming and bossing.

To start off I recommend buying higher level familiars as they are pretty cheap to buy from auction house.

Some of these familiars that are not to badly priced are Ascendion and Foreborion, Burst Glare, and Crushing Glare. You can usually buy stacks of them for pretty cheap in auction house.

A high level familiar that is rare potential (blue border)

Be sure to buy the familiars that have a blue border not a grey border. Grey border familiars are used as fodder to increase the bar in the middle of the familiar

You purchase grey border familiars as sacrifices to your blue border familiars.

Once your rare (blue border) familiar reaches level 5, go into your familiar window and click on collection then choose fusion. Under fusion first choose your level 5 familiar and select all your fodder familiars to the right of the window that are used as sacrifices. Keep selecting all of your fodder till the the bar reaches 100/100 then click Fuse.

(Make Sure To Lock your familiars via INFO tab as they can accidently be used as fodder otherwise there is a select all button to select all unlocked familiars as well)

Once you reach 100/100, the Rank Up button will illuminate, this means that you now have a chance to raise your tier a step higher to Epic from Rare. Epic familiars will have a purple border upon successful rank up.

Epic Tier Familiar

Once your familiar reaches Epic rank you will notice that the potential is reset and a ? appears in the bottom window again. Be sure to reveal this potential incase it is something you may want.

If the epic potential is something you do not like, then it is time to repeat the process again.

Train your familiar from level 1 to level 5 once again. Be sure that you have your familiar equipped under Setup Tab and Tier it to Unique once your familiar is level 5

How To Summon Familiars and Train With Them

Double click any familiars to equip or unequip under setup tab then press save to setup your familiar formation.

Grab the familiar short from your skills window and drag it to a keyboard shortcut

Be sure to accept the familiar quest via lightbulb first for this skill

Once your set be sure to spawn your familiars and train them in the map of your choice. I recommend spawning them while doing your daily quests or capping event coins or missions. Your familiars will level fast throughout the week.

What I do is I train 2 rare (blue border) familiars at a time and get them to epic then move onto the next set of rare familiars until I have around 6 epic tier familiars. Then train those epic familiars and tier upto unique and pray for good lines at unique.

If your unique lines aren’t good, leave the familiar do not waste NX rerolling the lines move onto another set of rare familiars and rinse and repeat until you get what you want. If you run out of space dismantle any unique familiars you do not need.

Unique Familiar has a brighter orange color as its border

If you wish to re-roll your familiars via cashshop then you need to purchase the Red Familiar Cards which are 1.2k nx each or 7.2k nx for a bundle of 6.

I highly recommend to avoid red familiar cards as it is real costly to get the lines you want due to the mass amount of potential lines available for familiars. But it is upto you if you would like to p2w your lines.

Potential Lines and Familiar Tips

Some recommended lines for bossing and training range from,

  • Boss %
  • Item/meso drop rate by a large amount
  • Self/Party Hp recovery by a large amount

For hp recovery you can summon and de-summon your familiar to get a burst of heal in clutch moments in bosses

This guide will update periodically as more questions are asked for familiars

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