Meso Making Guide 2022

There is a variety of ways to make mesos now then there was before and these are the methods ill be going through in this guide.

Auction House

Before anything lets talk about the Auction House. You can access the auction house via the hamburger icon to the bottom right then click auction house.

Auction House Market Price Tab

Auction house is a great way to buy and sell items. You can also search for prices to see how much each item sold for. Click on Market Price tab then in the search box at the top type in the name of the item your curious on and its price. Prices are then shown by recently sold. Use this to determine how much you should sell a specific item for and ask around for advice as well or join a marketplace discord of your server.

Ways to Make Mesos

  1. Boss Crystals

Boss crystals is one of the easiest ways to get pure mesos. They are dropped from all bosses and can be handed to the NPC in FM The Collector

There is a cap of 180 per world that you can hand in per week so do take note of handing in the ones worth the most mesos.

2. Bosses

Daily bosses give quite alot of rewards boss crystals being one the other being master and meister cubes. Nexon has raised the drop rate of these cubes so they will drop more often from bosses. I also recommend stock piling Rebirth Flames Lv. 110, 120, 130, 150 and selling them in bulk in AH

Stock pile 40+ and sell in AH of each Lv. flames

Soul Shards should also be stock piled until a sunny sunday event for higher chance of magnificent souls. These souls are used for weapons for extra stats or can be sold.

Save for Sunny Sundays that increase mag souls

The following bosses I recommend doing daily:

Normal Zakum, Normal Hilla, Normal Magnus, Von Leon, Chaos Horntail, Normal Pink Bean, Hard Ranmaru, Normal Pap, Normal Arkarium, Root Abyss, Hellux

Weekly bosses aka hard and chaos boss crystals provide more mesos then dailies and it is recommended to do as many as possible weekly.

Que up for bosses via party window Boss tab ask alliance for ques. If you still cant kill all of the daily bosses see if you can partner up with someone for them. Do note that the crystals will sell for less if more then 1 person is killing the boss

Boss que via boss tab in party window

3. Dismantle Equipment for Superior Item Crystals

Click on the gear icon in the inventory and drag your items to dismantle for superior item crystals. Usually level 140+ equipment gives the most but lower lvl equipment have the chance to. You need Smithing Level 6 to be able to dismantle lvl 140+ equipment. See our profession guide on how to level your professions Maplestory Profession Guide 2020 – MapleStory Ascension Alliance (

I recommend either saving these superior item crystals and make master/meister cubes or if you need mesos sell in auction house

4. Weekly Haven and Deserted Camp quests

Doing these weekly quests give diffusion-line energy cores and twisted stigma spirit stones. These items + the boss items can be traded for coins that can be used to purchase absolab equipment. You can choose to keep or sell in auction house for mesos for profit.

View the quest guide here for more information

5. Ursus Daily

Do Ursus daily during Golden Time. Ursus provides 15m+ a day by doing the boss 3 times. To enter ursus go to a dimensional portal and choose ursus the almighty talk to the npc inside to accept the lightbulb quest and your set to go for the boss. Golden times can vary due to daylight savings time but for now it is currently at 8pm EST usually at 9pm EST and 2pm EST usually at 3pm EST.

6. Maple Tour

Grab some 50 mill meso bags by doing maple tour another great way to earn mesos.

Guide Here:

7. Commerci Union

Commerci provides denaros which can be used to buy sweetwater tattoo and sweetwater monocoles at epic tier potential. They are known to be the best in slot currently for face and eye.

You can sell them as is or use occult cubes to get 12% of any stat or use for yourself or tier to unique with smithing profession cubes.

Check out the guide on how to do commerci

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You can also solo commerci for cubic blades and party with 3 people for a higher chance at drops. These runs count separate and can be done daily. Sweetwater Katara can sell for quite a bit since it is the best in slot for Dual Bladers.

8. Hellux

Hellux has now changed and carries are now possible since the drop rate for coins is individual instead of shared. Try joining up someone who is providing carries in alliance. Each run can give 20-30 coins a run and can be run daily.

Buy reinforced/superior gollux rings and pendants with the coins or use on scrolls. Either use for yourself or sell in AH after tiering them to Epic potential+

9. Sell services

A variety of services can be offered to other players but do note trust is needed to sell services. The legion coin shop is one way to sell services. Items such as epic potential scrolls and clean slate scrolls can be sold as a service or used on your own equipment. Be sure to have characters placed in your legion grid so they can fight bosses for you 24/7 for legion coins. You can also sell gollux scroll services.

Nexon also releases a variety of event shops where services can be sold or used on your own equipment

Here is a guide to legion

10. Play more then 1 character

Playing more then one character is a huge bonus to your daily earnings if you have the time to do so. Daily/weekly bosses are not account shared so they can be done on more then 1 character. Hellux can also be done again on another character in the same account. Crystals have a 50 limit per char allowing you to sell more crystals on another character.

So if you have the time and patience doing everything on one more character will reap you more earnings.

I will update the guide as time goes by but these are some recommendations I have for people who are returning or looking for ways to make mesos. Hopefully this helps anyone who is in need of funding

11. Take Advantage of Event Shops

Event shops are a great way to increase your stats and legion. Always try to use these to upgrade your equips or items.

12. Use Master/Meister Cubes or sell service

I recommend first using legion epic potential scroll or Occult Cubes to tier your equipment to epic then reroll to get to unique. Here’s a guide on how to raise your equipment Maplestory Upgrading Equips 2020 Guide – MapleStory Ascension Alliance (

If your looking to make profit I recommend selling superior gollux pendants and rings and selling those clean or rerolling at unique if you dont need them.

13. Pink Bean Holy Cup

Pink Bean Holy Cup’s can be rerolled by fusing them together. They are dropped by Chaos Pink Bean and sometimes Normal Pink Bean

How to fuse gear

Try going for higher base stat or ones with % all stat and base stat and sell them in auction house or use for yourself

14. Sell Higher Stat Chaos Root Abyss Equipment

Do the same thing as Pink Bean Holy Cup reroll some CRA equips till you get some nice Flames and sell them clean in Auction House. Usually 5% all stat with a base stat of 40+ is great to achieve for or something a bit lower.

15. Use your reward points

Use your reward points on red/black cubes and try to tier an item. All based on luck but still worth selling various items that are tiered up for more.