Maplestory Upgrading Equips 2022 Guide

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The Basics

Maplestory How to Upgrade Equips
Diagram of my ark weapon created by me

Star Force Guide

To Star Force an item, the item must be at 0 slots after enhancing or scrolling. Go to your inventory and select the red icon at the bottom right corner.

Drag your weapon over to the Equipment Enchant Window

This window is used to both enhance/scroll your equipment and star force

You will then see what the success rate and fail rate of each star enhancement is. If you fail a star enhancement there is a chance at downgrading a star past 10+ stars. Also be aware that upgrading past specific amount of stars can result in a chance of your item blowing up from destruction. In this case the item will then leave a trace when it blows up from star force. You must then buy the same type of item to trace back the stats to the equip.

Here are some other useful information from various guildies and friends and the Maplestory Reddit Page

Other SF Guides

iMar’s SF Guide

Scrolling / Enhancement

There has been a major change in the scrolling system. You can now use spell traces to scroll your equipment.

Earned from defeating mobs/bosses. Can also be purchased from various event shops and crusader coin shop via keyboard shortcut

Choose a scroll you would like to use and view its required spell traces. There are certain MapleStory events that can increase the success rate of all scrolls by a specific amount. This event is known as FEVER TIME.

Keep an eye on the MapleStory website for Fever Time’s as they can significantly increase your success rates for scrolls. It is also a great way to clean slate 5% scroll your items due to its increase in success to 10%

Prime Scrolls:

The Best Scroll to Use for Weapons

Prime scrolls are the best scrolls to use for weapons, hearts and specific items. They require several protection scrolls, gaurdian scrolls, and other scrolls to prevent your item from destruction.

These scrolls can be purchased from cash shop or reward points shop.

You must first apply each scroll to the item of choice before using prime scrolls and be sure that the effect of the scroll is stated at the bottom of the equipment.

effect will be shown like this when a protection scroll is active

Equipment Rebirth Flames

The green stats on your equipment are known as flame stats can be earned from using various types of equipment flames.

Above are some examples of flames you can use for equipment.

Eternal Rebirth Flames are the best flames to use to get the higest chance at the best possible tier stats for an item.

The stats you get on an equipment can be random and may not always be what you want. Lets say you are aiming for STR, there is still a chance the green stats will all go to INT.

Recommended Stats

to be cont’d

Potential Guide

There are 2 different types of potential in the game. Regular potential and Bonus Potential.

Both potentials tier from Rare > Epic > Unique > Legendary.

You can upgrade your tier with a variety of ways.

Recommended Items to tier from Rare > Epic:

How to earn Occult Cubes:

occult cubes can be purchased from auction house or earned from mobs & bosses.

How to Earn Epic Potential Scroll 50%:

Epic Potential scrolls can be purchased from,

Legion Shop via Legion Coins

Purchase via Legion Coins see the legion guide for more info

Buying in Auction House & Elite Boss Chests can also provide you with epic potential scrolls as well as various in-game Events.

Recommended Items to Tier from Epic > Unique

Using master craftsman cubes can help tier your equipment from epic > unique or you can go from Rare > Unique via Unique Potential Scrolls from Auction House.

How to collect Master Craftsman’s Cubes:

Master cubes can be dropped from all bosses and they can also be crafted by reaching Level 11 in Smithing Profession.

Check Out the Smithing Guide for more info

Required Materials to craft Master Cubes

Here is KoharuNomi’s Quick 1-5 Smithing Guide

Quick guide on getting smithing to level 5 so you can dissemble all equips for superior item crystals:

This method is great on alts and mules as you can sell these crystals for anywhere between 200k-500k depending on the AH at the time. Alternatively, you can stockpile these crystals for when you become a master smither for master craftman’s cubes (MCCs). – Go to Ardent, talk to Grant – Talk to Natick and buy 51 basic molds – Talk to Cole and learn Mining – Talk to Gere and learn Smithing – Go to Cole’s Mine field and collect 2 faded silver ore – Go to Cole and smelt 1 faded silver plate – Complete the questline forCole’s Mining Bag (4 slots bag) – Go to the first mining field and mine a combination of up to 72 silver AND/OR opal ore from Silver Veins —- SUPER IMPORTANT: make sure they’re in multiples of 2s so you can refine them into plates – Go to Cole and refine all the ore you just mined – Go to Gere and smelt Quality Arrows in the following chart

Recommended Items to Tier from Unique > Legendary

How to earn Meister’s Cube:

You must have level 12 profession in order to craft meister’s cube.

All items can be purchased from Auction House. Superior item Crystal from dismantling gear, Superior Abrasive from ardent mill npc. Check Profession Guide for more info

How to Earn Red/Black Cubes.

There is several ways to earn Red/Black cubes. The easiest way to earn both is well, spending NX or Maple Points.

The F2p Method to earn both cubes is to use Reward Points. Reward Points can be earned by defeating bosses and completing the quests daily for RP. There is a 30k RP a month limit.

the icon to the left and the coin icon to finish each boss quest after you defeat each boss

You can also sell mesos for maple points. Talk to Miss Richfield to sell your mesos for MP. She is located in the freemarket entrance. More info in New Players Guide.

Meso to NX or NX to Meso NPC

Choose Sell mesos and select your rate you will sell your mesos for

lastly Daily Gift can sometimes earn you cubes as well so make sure to do your daily gifts as much as possible by killing mobs daily


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