Maplestory Returning / New Players Guide 2022

In this guide I will be going through all of the major updates Global Maplestory and Maple Sea has recieved along with links to all of my guides available that have been updated to 2022.

Please note this guide will be really long but will cover everything from the games user interface changes to all the important things to know.

First we will start with an overall user interface change. The image below is a brief summary of the available shortcuts you have at your in-game screen.

MapleStory HUD

Maplestory New Players Guide 2022 User Interface

What is Fairy Bros Daily gifts? The daily gift button contains the Kill 300 mobs a day mission click the claim gift button after you’ve killed 300 monsters at your level. There is 20 level over and under limit for this quest

Lets first start with the most important item in Maplestory Regular Servers the Auction house.

Using Guide to Move to Different Towns

Guide allows players to move to various towns making it a great way to teleport back and forth to various places.

You can access the guide via your keyboard shortcut which you can set under key bindings.

Under the Fast Travel menu, you can choose which towns and places you want to save for easier access. Press the gear icon then click on each town to save as a favorite destination.

Going to pantheon is also a great way to teleport to all your destinations that the guide can’t take you. You can access the teleporter on the right side of the great temple interior.

Pantheon Portal an easy way to access various maps

Maple home also provides a way to easily access all maps through an item known as the Night Sky Crystal Ball. This item can be earned from shopping via the Large Mushroom House Furnishing Pack. More info on Maple Homes is available here

Maple Home Night Sky Crystal Ball

Auction House

Maplestory Auction House Guide

The auction house has 5 tabs that you can press.

Search: Click on the search tab then type in the item you want to buy at the top search bar to find if anyone is selling your item. You can also use search to see how much your current item is being sold for by others in the market. (BE sure to check market price as well for better reference)

Market Price: This gives you an overall impression of how much an item you wish to sell has sold for in the past. P.S. These prices are not always accurate be sure to ask your guild or buddies or a discord for a better overall price check to be double sure.

Wish List: A list of items you’ve wish listed on auction house

Sell: This tab is used to sell your items in auction house. Drag your item to the right side of the menu and be sure to double check how much your selling the item for before pressing List Item. You still do have a short window of opportunity to cancel your auction before it is live for everyone.

Maplestory Auction House Sell

Complete: The complete tab is the list of all your items that have sold or unsold. Be sure to re-list your items or reclaim them back to your inventory so that you can keep them or relist them at a different price.

Is there a Maplestory Training Guide updated to 2022?

Yes i’ve gone and updated my guide with the newest training spots all the way upto 250.

Click here to read on the training guide and where to train. Training spots can differ depending on class and the person but this is my training spots and where I go.

Forming Party’s and entering Bosses

Times have changed. You can now enter all bosses via the boss tab > Move to Boss instead of having to walk to each boss every time! Boss Prequests are also now shared within your account for several bosses so you dont have to repeat all of them again! You can also setup a shortcut on your keyboard to access the boss menu. For a list of all of the boss prequest guides available visit here: Maplestory Boss Guides or hover over Boss Guides button at the top of the website.

When it shows Available that means you can run the boss. Just press the move to boss to go into the boss lobby to enter.

If it shows Clear, that means you can no longer run the boss for the week or day.

Recommended Gear for New Players

For an updated guide on all recommended gear for new players and returners click here

As that guide will cover everything there is to collect for new players and returners.

How to Make Mesos In MapleStory Regular Servers and Reboot

A full in-depth guide on how to make mesos is available here. This guide will update often so do check back from time to time!

Why Reward Points (RP) are important to collect from Weekly and Daily Bosses

Players can earn reward points by defeating bosses daily and weekly. Weekly bosses though provide way more Reward points. If you are in a guild or have friends in your buddylist try asking them for boss carries to all the bosses you can do. Reward Points caps every day at 5000 RP

One important thing to note: RP resets every game reset daily so if you ran weekly bosses on one character for the day you can run the same bosses again on another character on the next day to earn another 5000 RP again.

You can claim your reward points via the left gift box icon shown below.

Reward points are great for grabbing free black and red cubes, tele rocks, 2x exp coupons, platinum scissors (used to make various items tradable), wild totem (used to increase mob spawn), pet revive item, and more. These reset at the start of every month

How to Upgrade Gear and weapons in 2022?

A full guide on how to upgrade gear is here

What is V-Matrix and how to job advance to 5th job?

For the V-Matrix guide Click here to view it

5th job can be earned when your character hits level 200.

You will receive a light bulb quest from observer with a red text that says required. You must complete the 3 goddesses quests to advance. (This quest will vary on the requirements to complete them depending on your class)

Goddess of Masteria: Located in the world tree right side of the map

You will be asked to find the horizon portal as she hid it somewhere in the upper part of the World Tree. the 3 stems will have one of the portals.

Goddess of Maple World: Will be located in henesys at the bowman school located at the very right of henesys

Grandis’ Goddess: Will be located in pantheon, defeat easy magnus.

Afterwards complete the quest and hand it in to job advance.

What are Arcane Symbols?

Arcane symbols are another way to raise your classes base stat. You will receive your first arcane symbol quest via the lightbulb at level 200 and after 5th job. It will show up as a recommended quest in Red color. This will teleport you to Nameless town. You will be asked to kill 5 Happy Erda.

After you complete all of the quests in nameless town you will be given your first arcane symbol.

From now on you will receive a daily quest which awards you with more of the same arcane symbol. Double click these to merge them with your main arcane symbol so that it can level up. Maxing the exp of symbols will allow you to level them up. You must pay mesos every time to level up which will also award you with +100 stats each level.

You will unlock a new symbol at Level 210, 220, 225, 230, 235 so be sure to keep an eye on new quests that pop up at those levels. Arcane Symbols are a huge grind so do pace yourselfs. As you will have to do pq’s and daily quests to max them.

Are professions important?

yes professions let you make cubes and flames. For more information on them click here

What are familiars?

Familiars are really important items to collect. They can provide important stats like 20-30% boss, Recover HP by a large amount, and ignore defense on monsters.

For more information on familiars check the guide here

What are Legion and Link Skills?

A full in-depth guide is available here on both the legion and link skills