MapleStory V-Matrix Guide

You can access your V-Matrix Skills via the V-Matrix button in your 5th job tab

Each node slot in your node window can be enhanced upto 5 times. This increases the cap of your 5th job skills past their original level cap. You can drag your skills to each of these slots to use on your 5th job skill tab. Each slot can be purchased for mesos or unlocked by its level requirement.

To upgrade or unlock more nodes talk to the npcs in Chuchu or Nameless town

Node master.png

How to Create NodeStones

Here you can craft your nodes via crafting button

Crafting nodes requires Node Shards which can be earned from disassembling unused nodestones

Press disassemble nodes and select each node you would like to disassemble for Node Shards

You can also craft a nodestone which are tradable nodestones that can be sold in auctionhouse or given to another character. These nodestones provide a random skill when used.

this nodestone is untradable but this is how they will look like in your inventory but without the transferable within world

How to upgrade/enhance nodes to higher Levels/Ranks

First talk to the NPCS in Nameless or Chuchu to access your nodes once again then select a node you would like to enhance.

To enhance a node right click on it and press Enhance and choose the same nodes as the one you are enhancing

Node Types:

What is a TrioNode?

A trionode is a combination of 3 of your 4th job skills in one node. These are really important as they boost your 4th job skills by a large amount when maxed. TrioNodes can cap upto level 60

Trionode example
Trionodes can boost your skills upto 120% at Level 60

Recommended TrioNodes Guide (Reddit)

After maxing your important TrioNodes next up are your main 5th job skills which can be capped to level 30

For anymore information on Vmatrix and nodestones heres another guide