Maple Story M 500 RP Daily

Download Maple Story M on your android device or android emulator on pc

MapleStory M – Open World MMORPG – Apps on Google Play

Click on the three line icon / hamburger one at the top right corner and then in the new window press the gear button at the bottom right corner

Click gear icon to enter settings page

Next in settings/options go under account and click the button on the right corner next to Link Maple PC text.

Afterwards a window like this will pop up you will need a verification code from the actual maplestory game

Go to a dimensional portal in any town and enter Event Map.

In event map talk to maple administrator and choose check Maple M Link String

Input the code the maple admin gives into the window in Maplestory Mobile and your game will now be linked together with Maple story mobile.

Now what you’ll have to do is hit level 25 so you can just auto away in dungeons. Maplestory M is complete auto battle and auto combat so just click on the auto option at the bottom left corner and accept all quests all the way to level 25.

Then click on the hamburger icon / top right 3 bar icon and choose mini dungeons button.

Press Enter after doing all of the above and be sure to press the auto button at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Things to Note:

Activate your pets! Go back into the hamburger icon / 3 line bars at the top right corner and choose pets then equip your pets. Make sure your pets have potions enabled and if your pet is a event pet it can auto buff you with fever buff.

If your pet cant auto fever buff then you have to manually press fever buff every so often until your done tapping it 5 times in a row to complete the reward point quest for 100 RP.

Here is the icon below that you have to press every time it glows red as shown to complete the fever quest.

After your 1hour is up in your mini dungeon be sure to first go to Daily mission and complete all those quests for the extra mesos Then go into daily pc and complete all your daily RP quests.

Afterwards just relog in the real Maplestory and grab your reward points via the red gift box in your left hand corner and accept each of them individually.

And thats it. Just rinse and repeat daily for an easy 500 rp a day!

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