How To Guild PQ 2020

Go to Henesys or Orbis and talk to lea to enter guild base

You will then be added to a party and be told to wait in the guild base.

When Guild Leader says to enter GPQ talk to Daedal at the top left and choose 2nd option, then once again talk to Daedal again and choose the 2nd option again to enter the lobby. (You must talk to daedal twice to enter)

You will then be at this lobby, wait for your party leader to enter a portal and you will be held waiting


Guild pq is now real simple, In each map all you do is attack mobs once then move onto next set of mobs in a rotation. Mobs have a 5 second cooldown before your able to attack them. If you miss on mobs that means its on the 5 second cooldown so do attack them in a rotation from top platforms > bottom platforms > back to top platforms.

Finally you will then head to boss lobby where you await the other parties then fight the boss