How to Earn The Absolab Set

PREREQUISITES Before Starting:

Before doing any of the steps below please be sure to do the questlines for Haven and Deserted Camp. You will also be required to finish various Acts for Damien and Lotus.

You can complete these acts via the bird in ereve pavilion conference or via lightbulb

Go to any dimensional portal and choose:

Talk to the bird to start the acts

Damien Pre-Quest

ACT 4 Only is required for damien

Lotus Pre-Quest

All acts are required!

How To Earn Absolab Equips

The shoes, cape, and gloves can be purchased via Three-Hands for absolab coins. The Absolab Knight Shoulder can be purchased from Dark World Tree Deserted Camp

Three-Hands is located in Scrapyard Haven and can easily be teleported to in your Maple Guide Shortcut.

-Maple Guide (double click to teleport)-

-The npc to purchase weapons, shoes, cape, gloves in ScrapYard Haven-

In order to purchase absolab items an absolab coin will be required. This is done by handing the items required to Sensitive Squaroid.

-The npc to convert to Absolab Coins-

-1 Absolab Coin requirements for Three-Hands Shop hand these items to sensitive squaroid for 1 absolab coin-

Extraordinary Energy Core is earned by defeating Lotus in normal mode. 

Diffusion-Line Energy Core are earned by doing the weekly quests from,

Complete the quests weekly to earn Diffusion-Line Energy Cores. Alternatively you can purchase Diffusion-Line Energy Cores from Auction House via mesos.

The Absolab Knight Shoulder can be purchased from Dark World Tree Deserted Camp and is accessible via maple guide as well right under the haven shortcut (deserted camp)

Talk to Supplier Salio to purchase the shoulder and other equipment for stigma coins

Faint Stigma Spirit Stone and Twisted Stigma Spirit stones are required to convert to stigma coins. Twisted Stigma Spirit Stones can be earned from defeating Damien in Normal/Hard Mode. And Faint Stigma Stones from Weekly Quests in Dark World Tree.

-Npc to exchange your materials for stigma coins-

-Convert the following for 1 stigma coin-

Grab your weekly quests from Alchetto to collect faint stigma spirit stones. They can also be purchased from Auction House and sold as well.