Maplestory Legion / Link Guide

Legion Guide

Legion can be accessed via the Manage Legion button in your keyboard shortcuts

When accessing your legion you will notice a grid with a menu. This grid provides specific stats when you place your character within the grid.

Updated] Join the Legion System! | MapleStory

To place a character within the grid select assign units

Then drag a character to the grid. Make sure each piece is interlocking with one other or they cannot be placed.

Each class provides a specific set of stats when placed within the grid. For example a Kanna will provide 5% boss at level 200+ and is an SS rank legion character when placed into the grid

Your Legion Rank will determine how many characters you can assign to the grid and how much coins you can earn.

When characters are placed within the grid, these characters will attack a boss 24/7 till its defeated for Legion Coins.

You can view the boss at any time by pressing Start Raid

The green bar represents how much damage you can do to the boss on your character. The purple bar is for the damage your legion chars can do to the boss’s hp. Once the green bar disappears you can no longer damage the boss and have to leave it to your legion characters to defeat the boss

Legion coins lets you purchase various items such as a 100% exp buff that can be stacked with MVP buff and 2x EXP CS. You can also purchase clean slate scrolls, cubes, and a epic potential scroll.

Talk to Pancho Sanza in a variety of towns to access the Legion Coin Shop

Legion stats per class can be earned at Level 70, 120, and 210.

To upgrade your legion rank so you can add more characters to the grid talk to Pancho and choose about my legion and choose upgrade rank. Hand in the required coins to upgrade legion. Do note in order to upgrade your legion a certain amount of Total Levels will be required to upgrade to each tier.

For more information on what each class gives for their Legion and Link check out this google doc by clicking here

Here is a legion solver to figure out how to place your blocks for your classes:

Link Skills

Link Skills are the next important item in the game to raise your stats

Each class starts at Level 1 link which is earned at Level 70 followed by Level 2 Link at Level 120 and sometimes Level 3 Link which is at Level 210 to max the specific Link Skill.

You can only use a maximum of 12 link skills and they can only be equipped on one character at a time. You can however, change your links to another character once a day and switch back. This resets daily.

Once again to view each classes link skill check out the link by clicking here

Some recommended Links to Get Starting Out:

Demon Slayer, Demon Avenger, Kanna, Beast Tamer, Angelic Buster