How to Run New GPQ and Flag + Weeklies

In your guild window press Guild Contents then Progress Button

Click on Enter under Culvert to run your GPQ. GPQ is once a week solo

Flag Race is hosted on the hour every hour at xx:30 . You require 1 weekly mission points to enter Flag.

Here is where you get weekly mission points:

Weekly Guild Missions has been added. You can acquire Weekly Mission Points by acquiring Hunting and Boss Points.

Getting Points By Hunting Mobs
      – You can acquire 1 Hunting Points per Level Range Monsters defeated, up to 25,000 Hunting Points per week per character.

Getting Points by Hunting Bosses
      – Up to 400 Boss Points per week per character can be acquired. Refer to the points distribution list below for more details.
      – You will acquire 1 Weekly Mission Point, per 5,000 Hunting Points OR 80 Boss Points.
      – A maximum of 5 Weekly Mission Point can be obtained per week per Guild Member.
      – Each guild can accumulate up to 200 Weekly Mission Points per week.

Boss points will be given based on the type of Weekly Boss defeated as follows:
      – 5 Points: Cygnus (Easy), Hilla (Hard), Pink Bean (Chaos), Cygnus (Normal)
      – 10 Points: Zakum (Chaos), Pierre (Chaos), Von Bon (Chaos), Crimson Queen (Chaos), Princess Nou (Normal)
      – 20 Points: Magnus (Hard), Vellum (Chaos)
      – 30 Points: Papulatus (Chaos), Akechi Mitsuhide (Normal), Lotus (Normal), Damien (Normal), Lucid (Easy)
      – 40 Points: Lucid (Normal), Will (Normal), Dusk (Normal), Djunkel (Normal)
      – 60 Points: Damien (Hard), Lotus (Hard), Lucid (Hard), Will (Hard)
      – 70 Points: Dusk (Chaos), Djunkel (Hard), Heretic Hilla (Hard), Chosen Serene (Hard)