MapleStory Housing Guide

The housing update has been added to Global Maplestory with it comes alot of new things to collect and earn.

First of all accept the quest called [Home] Intro to Interior Design and go through the cutscenes and questline.

Enter your home via character window as shown below

You will unlock the following at the top of your screen for editing your home

General Hud:

From left to right

Build: Allows you to customize your home and change its interior and exterior design

Furnishing Storage: Allows you to view all the furniture you collected as well as sell them

Place Furnishing: Allows you to place your furniture inside your home

Community: Allows you to invite others to your home or visit others

Caretaker: Allows you to talk to your npc’s daily to grab buffs and increase their stats

Settings: Allows you to change your settings like zoom in or zoom out of the map and restrict invites and who can visit

Lets start with the important aspects:

Furnishing Storage:

Shopping Window:

Shopping System (send npcs to go shopping)

Shopping window is a real important feature of the housing system. Starting with mushroom house and old world you can send your NPC to go shopping for 9hours to which he/she will come back with new furniture. The new furniture will be given at random from the list of the furnishing pack you chose for the NPC to shop at.

In order to unlock other Furnishing Packs you must complete the Furniture collection quests. These require you to have a certain amount of furniture earned in your collection like 20/20 furnitures then you do the quest given to you to unlock the specific packs.

Home Storage

Here you can view all your furniture you collected from bosses and shopping and place your furniture as well.

You can right click each object to sell furnishing and get a chance to earn Home Coins which can be used to buy more furniture or upgrade your home.

Miranda’s Shop will sell furniture and she will randomly refresh with a piece of furniture you can buy from her using mesos. Home coins are required for the sample packs. Only one item sold for mesos will appear in the shop each day.

Miranda for home furniture
Kenneth’s Shop for blueprints

Kenneth’s Shop will sell blueprints to expand upon your overall home design and upgrades. You must convert home coins to Querencia coins then use those to purchase your home upgrades.

Home Caretaker information:

By clicking on your NPC at your home you can view their Stats and relocate them in your house.

NPC Window

There is 3 npc’s to choose from. One of them is Jenny who you unlock as you further upgrade your house

Talk to the NPC daily to increase their stats.

Click receive buff to receive a daily buff ranging from EXP to boss attack.

Buffs you can receive from NPC

Buff Information:

There are 6 levels to the buffs.
The more you interact with your NPC the more your closeness increases. Every 20 closeness raises your buff 1 level higher. Below is a chart of the buffs

Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
Bonus EXP5%6%7%8%9%10%
Boss Damage10%11%12%13%14%15%
Crit Rate10%12%14%16%18%20%

Chart Source: Created by:

Furniture from Bosses:

You can earn furniture from bosses stated below. DO NOTE that furniture drop is shared with others in party. Item Drop Rate does effect the drop of furniture

  • Balrog: Balrog-Horn Throne
  • Ursus: Ursus’s Potted Lifetree
  • Hilla (Hard): Hilla Obelisk Floor Lamp
  • Zakum (Chaos): Zakum Hand Table
  • Pierre (Chaos): Pierre Umbrella Stand
  • Crimson Queen (Chaos): Crimson Queen Vanity Table
  • Magnus (Hard): Magnus Horn Throne
  • Vellum (Chaos): Vellum Lava Bathtub
  • Papulatus (Chaos): Papulatus Wall Clock
  • Horntail (Chaos): Horntail Fountain
  • Von Leon (Hard): Lion Ice Sculpture
  • Arkarium (Normal): Arkarium Statue
  • Pink Bean (Chaos): Pink Bean Armchair
  • Lotus (Hard): Orchid’s Plush Bunny
  • Lucid (Hard): Lucid’s Canopy Bed
  • Dorothy: Ryude’s Sword
  • Von Bon (Chaos): Von Bon Windup Clock
  • Cygnus (Normal): Cygnus’ Stuffed Doll Shelf
  • Damien (Hard): Damien’s Sword
  • Will (Hard): Will’s Spiderweb Hammock Chair
  • Darknell (Hard): Darknell’s Helmet Decoration
  • Seren (Hard): Holy Sword Wall Decoration
  • Dyle: Dyle’s Board Game Table
  • Seruf: Seruf’s Clam Bed
  • Guardian Angel Slime (Chaos): Guardian Angel Slime Fountain
  • Gloom (Chaos): Gloom Dark Bean Bag
  • Verus Hilla (Hard): Soul Candle
  • Black Mage: Black Mage’s Mirror 
  • These furnishings will be a shared reward.
  • Item drop rate increase effect does apply to these furnishings.

Here is a preview of all boss furniture:

MapleStory Destiny Homecoming MMORPG

The only daily bosses that drop furniture is basically:

Hard Von Leon, Chaos Horntail, OMNI-CLN, and Normal Arkarium

Remainder are weekly.

Useful Furniture from Shopping Packs:

Below is a preview of useful furniture with features such as being able to use profession in your home. These are earned from furnishing packs.

Maplestory Profession Furniture

How to Unlock Other Furnishing Packs:

Short Summary

Talk to your NPC daily to increase their stats. Collect your buffs daily.

Send your NPC shopping every 7-9hours stated in each pack. Farm weekly and daily bosses for furniture. Use home coins to buy more furniture and sell any furniture you dont want for home coins.

That is the only way to earn home coins currently and you may sometimes get them from home quests or NPCs.

Housing Designs and Upgrades (unconfirmed):

Expanded Townhouse Packs:

Though not 100% confirmed due to translation I believe above is a sample of the Expanded townhouse bundle

Expanded Colonial-Style home

Expanded Mushroom House

Helpful Links:

Maplestory House Creator:
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